This web site is dedicated to all the men that served in the United States Submarine Service during World War II and especially to the war time crew of the USS Spikefish SS404. I served aboard the Spikefish for three years (late 1950s to early 60s) but it wasn't until June of 1994, at the Portsmouth Naval Yard in Kittery, Maine, that I had the honor and privilege of meeting some of the plank owners (original crew members) at the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the Spikefish. The following pages contain some pictures obtained from the 50th anniversary booklet as well as some pictures that I took while serving aboard the Spikefish; there is also some Spikefish history and technical specifications.

Old ( W.W. II ) submarine photograph are hard to come by, at least for me they are; that is why I was pleasantly surprised when I found war patrol photos in the Spikefish's 50th anniversary booklet. Some of these pictures and the story that goes with them, give us insight into the mind and the fanatic beliefs of the enemy that our sailors were facing in the Pacific. The story is a tale with an ending that is so tragically ironic that you may be tempted to think that it came from a movie plot. ( the pictures and the story that goes with them are on the page called "404's last war patrol")

Spikefish Launching April 26, 1944

Early 1960's Spikefish, as seen from the screw guards, anchored somewhere off Jamaica.

Spikefish reunion photos

Spikefish 2004 Reunion  Photos by Hal Silverman

Spikefish 2004 Reunion  Photos I took at the 2004 reunion

Spikefish 2009 Reunion attendees  Photos taken of attendees by Victoria Lewis ( A big THANK YOU to you Victoria )

Spikefish 2009 Reunion  More photos taken by Fred Young & Victoria Lewis

Spikefish 2009 Reunion  Photos taken by Hal Silverman

Spikefish 2009 Reunion  Some photos that I took at the June 2009 reunion banquet

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